Love To Animals

It is so pure. So simple.

An animal loves you at first just for the fact you feed him/her.
Every animal is someone, not something. That´s what people forget.
It doesn´t matter whether it is a dog, a cat or a turtle.

Your someone. An animal loves you whether you are skinny, fat, black, white, gay, straight, British, Slovak, American, etc. A pet doesn´t make you feel the way people do – that you don´t deserve to be loved for whatever reason. There are no complicated relationships. There is no drama (well, unless you live with my lady dog. She´s such a drama queen! :D) You come home, devastated, frustrated, irritated, mad…but when you see that happy little creature (sometimes literally) smiling at you, your mood just gets better. You feel sad and your doggy walks up to you, puts his/her head on your knee and gives you that look: “Don´t be sad or I´ll be sad, too.”

Appreciate animals. They love you more than themselves, more than you know.